Import baby care products from Turkey

Import baby care products from Turkey
Import baby care products from Turkey

Import baby care products from Turkey

The idea of ​​importing from Turkey and investing in Turkish products is a successful step towards making profit.

Turkish products with European specifications are widely spreading in many local markets in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and all over the world.

Turkish exports to the Middle East countries increased at the beginning of this year to 15.2 percent in only five months from the beginning of the year compared to last year, reaching a value of 10 billion and 44 million and 538 thousand dollars.

Turkey and the Middle East are cooperating partners in many economic projects and mutual investments between them in many different industries such as foodstuffs, cotton, clothing, iron and steel, spare parts and others. care products from Turk

In addition, according to the upcoming economic visions, countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Libya will boost their investments from Turkey in many areas of Turkish products of high quality and conform to European international standards.

Turkey offers its investors from different countries of the world some important facilities and services to facilitate the import process to ensure the safe arrival of products.

Moreover, Turkey occupies a strategically privileged position and is close to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, which saves a lot of expenses in the import operations from Turkey.

Finally, if you want to import from Turkey, you must know the important steps and details for the success of the import process and fulfill all the important items to achieve the expected profit.

Market research and prices – importing baby diapers from Turkey

The market research is an important step for entrepreneurs in understanding the market and the nature of customer needs in order to ensure the success of the trade and investment process, and to be able to seize the appropriate opportunities to market the company’s services and various products.

Therefore, it was necessary for whoever works in the field of trade and investment to start doing an analytical study of the target market, collecting data and opinion polls, knowing the needs of consumers and their purchasing power,

understanding customer demands and the quality of the products they accept.

The raw materials consumed in the manufacture of products and goods must be counted in order to be aware of the specifications related to the product, its quality, the materials used in the manufacture, the expiry dates and validity, and to distinguish customers and their ability to purchase, which helps the company’s employers know the annual production and to know the company’s profits and losses.

Establishing an import and export company

Before starting the establishment of your company and starting the first import process from Turkey, you must first conduct a feasibility report that covers all aspects of your project.

Choosing a headquarter for your company according to your financial ability, as importing is a process that does not suit popular markets. Also, you must choose a distinctive name for your company, choose the goods and products you import, and be careful to distinguish your goods so that they are as unique as possible.

Documents required to establish an import and export company:

  • Issuance of the tax card and tax record.
  • Extracting the commercial register.
  • Extract the import card.
  • opening a bank account in one of the foreign currencies, such as: (Euro – Dollar)
  • Agreement with internal transport companies that have a good reputation.

Know the documents required for customs clearance

The customs clearance process is a 100% documentary process, and what you need only is to know the papers and documents necessary from you as an importer and the steps by which the customs clearance procedures are carried out, and then you are looking for a reliable customs broker to extract it.

Customs systems are now unified at most of the world’s countries, after the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement to unify tariffs and customs systems worldwide.

After the successful completion of the purchase and shipping process, the documents for customs clearance are required upon arrival at the port to receive them. Some of these documents depend on the exporting company and some on the importer, as follows:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packaging statement
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Shipping Policy
  • Quality certificates are required in some imported goods for a number of countries from which they are imported

Documents related to goods transit products from customs:

  1. Certificate of origin
  2. purchase invoices
  3. packing lists
  4. product technical data

This is to ensure the goods pass through customs quickly.

Conducting a feasibility study for an import project from Turkey

At this stage, it requires knowing the sales and distribution process from scratch to the end, including knowing where to sell products, how to distribute them, and determining methods of collection and payment.

Therefore, the capital for the project is determined based on identifying the method of collection from customers after selling goods.

Therefore, the feasibility study includes a study of the company’s risks, gains and loss ratios.

Find manufacturers and suppliers – wholesale goods from Turkey online

You must search for the Turkish factories that manufacture the required products and compare their prices and the quality of their products. You must also see and verify the required products yourself.

If you are able to travel to Turkey, and if you cannot, you must request pictures of the required products, samples and clear data about them.

The Turkish company CHILDDIAPERS, which works in the field of exporting baby diapers and baby and women’s care products, provides its customers with different quality products for many Turkish factories,

which manufacture their products according to European standards, which helps you in searching for factories and saving time, effort and money for the search process, you can find out more about the company and its services in the last item of the article.

Importing baby diapers from Turkey

Turkey exports to the world its high quality in many different sectors and industries according to European standards, where its products enjoy a good reputation in many fields; manufacture of clothing, furniture, baby care products, feminine pads, cleaning products and medicines.

As well as manufacturing shoes, iron and steel and many other products that are highly demanded for import from different countries of the world.

Services provided by CHILD DIAPER to its investors to import baby diapers from Turkey

CHILD DIAPERS is working to meet the needs of its customers from the local and international market of products for baby diapers, baby care and feminine pads, and provides its many services,

Starting with choosing the required products, passing through product inspections, quality control, shipping and logistics services necessary to complete deals and ensure providing the products with quality and best prices.

It also provides its clients with information on how to analyze the market, know its needs, and information on marketing strategy and selling products within the target markets.

You can read and more about the baby diaper market, know the needs of the local market and how to trade and invest in the world of baby diapers, which is full of profits and huge financial gains by visiting the blog icon on the site.

You can follow our articles on many opportunities of investment and import from Turkey and enter the best-selling and widespread market in the world 2021

You could contact us from here to start importing.

Import baby care products from Turkey  Import baby care products from Turkey  Import baby care products from Turkey

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