Bekoka Baby Diapers Size 5


BEKOKA baby diapers size 5 is fast absorbing, and suitable for baby-sensitive skin. It is the best diaper for kids weighing ( 11-25 kg )



bekoka baby diapers

BEKOKA baby diapers are designed to provide 360 degrees of soft and comfortable mild skin protection, promoting clean and healthy skin for your child. BEKOKA baby diapers size 5 provide your baby with comfort through a thin flexible core and soft-touch material. In addition, the elastic sides adjust to body movement and prevent stress marks from forming after extended wearing. A wetness indicator with a yellow line changes to blue when the diaper becomes wet, so you’ll always know when your baby needs a diaper change. 


Specific information about this product:

Diaper Weight  (±2) 31 g
Total Length (±5) 52 cm
Length of diaper center area (±5) 44 cm
Absorption quantity (±10) 600 mm


BEKOKA baby diapers size 5 are the best choice for expanding your business because:

  1. It is Super absorbing as it contains a large green layer that quickly absorbs fluids across the diaper. 
  2. It has stretchy sides that allow babies to move and play freely.
  3. Side tapes can be opened and resealed many times. 
  4. The inner surface consists of soft-textured natural materials, so your baby feels comfortable.
  5. A breathable back sheet allows air to enter inside the diaper.
  6. Strengthening leak barriers prevent leakage.


To purchase this product and for more information see these details:



Size Pieces     Per Pack Packs        Per Bundle Barcode Order Code
New burn 1 44 5
Mini (3-6 kg) 2 40 5 8699096964420 6442
Midi (4-9 kg) 3 36 5 8699096964437 6443
Maxi (7-18 kg) 4 32 5 8699096964444 6444
Junior (11-25 kg) 5 28 5 8699096964451 6445
Extra Large (16+ Kg) 6 24 5 8699096964468 6446




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