guide baby diapers manufacturers in turkey

Baby diaper manufacturers in Turkey
Baby diaper manufacturers in Turkey

baby diapers manufacturers  – Turkish factories guide


The Turkish Child Diapers platform, which operates in the baby care products sector, is registered in Turkey and headquartered in Istanbul and it exports to various regions of the world.


CHILD DIAPERS exports baby care products such as: baby diapers – wet wipes – baby shampoo – baby oil – and feminine pads.

baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey


In the past years, baby diapers have spread in the market with several different Turkish brands manufactured according to European standards with the highest quality for the health of the child.,

using manufacturing technology equipped with the latest machinery and technical equipment.

The Child Diapers platform also provides its customers with many export services and saves the effort and money spent in searching for Turkish factories.


Child Diapers platform is the guide for importers and traders in Turkey for Turkish factories, which provides them with many brands with European specifications and diverse quality that suit the segment of consumers all over the world and various international and local markets.

baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey



The Turkish Child Diapers platform has a high experience in exporting baby diapers, inspects the product and controls the quality required during the manufacturing process to ensure the safety of the product and its manufacture in accordance with the specifications and standards required by importers.


In addition to that, in Turkey baby diapers are manufactured using the most experienced Turkish hands and experiences, using the best machines and elaborate global production lines.

To ensure the quality of the product according to international standards, the raw materials are chosen with great care, and the best packaging methods are used.

Also, many Turkish factories have ISO and manufacturing quality certificates in managing basic and international quality standards.

baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey



Baby diaper manufacturers in Turkey
Baby diaper manufacturers in Turkey

The best types of baby diapers


What are the basic features to know the quality of baby diapers?

Turkish factories manufacture baby diaper products according to what they deem appropriate for consumer convenience and environmental friendliness through some of the following features in the manufacture of baby diapers:


  • Elastic waistband

They are soft adhesive strips that can be closed and opened more than once to fix the diaper in a way that fits the waistline of the child. It consists of polypropylene and polyester fibers to add softness and flexibility and give the child greater comfort.

baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey


  • Flexibility of diapers

Some diapers are characterized by the elasticity of the belt, and its cottony feel, which enables the child to move freely, without any burden


  • Absorption capacity

A good diaper absorbs wetness and keeps it away from the baby’s skin to protect it from infections and rashes

. And there are now indicators of wetness in some species, where the color of the chemical in the raw materials of the diaper changes when there is moisture to notify the guardian that the diaper is wet.


  • Its ability to prevent leakage

Some brands of diapers feature a triple back-stretch that is tightly attached to the child’s body, leaving no space between the child’s body and the diaper and preventing leakage.

Some diapers contain re-adhesive tapes to allow them to fit the body or to be re-adhesive, one of the advantages of the adhesive tape is that it is re-closed and opened more than once.


  • Safe

Most of the materials used in the manufacture of diapers are safe polymers such as polyethylene, and they do not have any toxic properties. No materials (or even new design features) are introduced to the market until they are proven to be safe under normal conditions of use, and the evaluation of the product’s safety standard is continued even after it hits the market.

These are some of the basic features to know the quality of diapers. You can read more in our topic about the quality of baby diapers.

baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey


Turkish factories – packaging method

The packaging stage comes after the production stage and the completion of the manufacturing process, where packaging is done through high-tech machines and machines in the manufacture of products,

then diapers are moved and compressed in the required number for one package and are compressed and placed in the bags designated for them.

This process takes place in very quick stages, from the beginning of collecting the materials used in the manufacture to produce diapers, passing through the packaging operation.

The required packages and quantities are filled according to the specifications required by the importer, as the number of diapers in the packages varies according to the technical specifications requested by traders and importers resulting from the study of the consumer and his needs.

Through this stage, the production date, validity period, product type and all the special information needed by both the producer and the consumer gets identified.


baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey

baby diaper prices

There is no doubt that Turkish baby diapers are of high quality and according to European standards, which have a wide spread all over the world with the diversity of brands and their different quality.

The prices of Turkish children’s diapers vary according to the required sizes that are produced and are mainly related to the number of diapers in one package, as the sizes of the packages and the number of diapers in them vary with the variety of sizes required.

In addition to the basic element, which is the quality of the products required in the production process, the prices of the products vary according to the required quality.



baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey

Wholesale baby diaper sizes – Wholesale baby diapers from Turkey

As it is known that the sizes of baby diapers depend on determining the size that fits children, and this is related to weight and age.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify the segment of consumers and know their needs of diapers, and it should be known that the sizes of diapers are closely related to changing children’s bodies and changing their weight.

You can find various different products related to diapers through Child Diapers platform.



Baby diaper manufacturers in Turkey
Baby diaper manufacturers in Turkey

Here are the following sections of baby diaper sizes:

  • Newborn diapers for children less than one month old, weighing from 2.5 to 5 kg.
  • Diaper Size No. (1) for newborns up to 4 months of age, weighing from 4 to 6 kilograms.
  • Diaper size No. (2) for children from 3 to 8 months of age, and weight from 5 to 8 kilograms.
  • Diaper size No. (3) for children aged 5 to 24 months, and weight from 7 to 13 kilograms.
  • Diaper size No. (4) for children from 18 to 36 months, weight from 10-17 kg.
  • Diaper size No. (5) for children over three years old, and weighing 12 kilograms or more.
  • Diaper size No. (6) suitable for children over four years old, and weighing 16 kilograms or more.




The most important Turkish companies in the field of exporting baby diapers to all over the world

The Turkish Child Diapers platform offers its services to all customers around the world, providing them with the necessary consultations in the import and export process with high efficiency.

In addition to the many services necessary to complete the import process without the need to travel to Turkey, because it provides shipping,

inspection and quality control services during the manufacturing process and customs clearance in Turkey and follow up the shipping process until it reaches the port of the importer.

One of the most prominent features of Child Diapers is that it offers its customers to manufacture its own brand (Brand) for your company.



You can order products through the customer service of our website from the Contact Us icon

  Or you can contact us directly via the platform’s e-mail, [email protected]

You can also find out about the Turkish brands and the specifications you need by browsing our website.

baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey  baby diapers manufacturers  in turkey

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