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About us

We are the CHILD DIAPERS platform, one of the branches of the Turkish company BÜYÜK ANADOLU. The platform is a gateway to trade and investment in Turkish baby diapers and baby care products and to facilitate their export around the world, including our inspection services, quality control, shipping, customs clearance, follow-up, guidance and others until the shipment reaches you with the specifications and needs that you ordered on time. we treat your requests and needs with care and special attention. We are distinguished by our ability to provide the best services with our expertise in the field of market analysis, products, supply and demand and supply chains, and to provide our customers with everything necessary for their success.



We seek to create a better and easier world in trade and investment between countries, perfection, build trust, facilitate trade and save effort and money through us by doing a lot of work with the least effort.



Our values are based on integrity, credibility and continuous development through permanent follow-up to customers and meeting their needs to ensure continued success and improve our relationship with our customers.

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Our goal

Upgrading and continuous development of the value of our services that we provide to our customers in terms of efficiency, speed and accuracy so that we reach to meet your needs to the fullest extent to be partners in success and achieving profits together.

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