Bekoka Wet Wipes Large Size


BEKOKA wet wipes large size is made of natural competent. With its softness and large size ( 120 pieces ), it is the best choice for the entire family.



bekoka wet wipes


BEKOKA wet wipes large size is the best choice for all family members. BEKOA developed wet wipes that are suitable for all skin, especially sensitive skin. These wipes are super soft and lightweight. Made from 99% water, rich in aloe vera and chamomile oil that keeps the skin healthier.


BEKOKA wet wipes medium size is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  1. Bekoka wipes are soft, natural, and light. As long as they contain 99% water and organic essential oils extract.
  2. Alcohol, parabens, and tinctures are not included.
  3. All family members with sensitive skin can use it.
  4. Cleanses skin lovingly and effectively, leaving it smooth.


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