Pampers Prima Size 5


Pampers Prima Size 5 (11-18 kg) is specialized with its soft elastic sides and adhesive strips that can be opened and closed multiple times.

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Pampers Prima Size 5


Pampers Prima diapers are soft, absorbent, and gentle on babies delicate skin. Ensures that babies are safe and comfortable while moving and playing. Developed in specialized laboratories using natural materials that are gentle on children’s skin. Pampers Prima diapers are the best option for babies’ comfort.

Why is Pampers Prima Diapers Size 5 unique?

  1. Super absorbent and keeps moisture away from babies’ skin.
  2. Prevents allergies and rashes on babies’ skin.
  3. It’s ideal for bedtime because it gives babies up to 12 hours of total comfort and absorbency.
  4. It includes a wetness indicator that changes its color to remind parents that diaper changes are necessary.
  5. It has an adhesive strip that can be opened and resealed several times to test for moisture.

More details about Pampers Prima size 5

Brand: Pampers Prima

Target group: Male and Female Babies 

Size: 5 (11-18 kg)

Number of pieces: 36

Product material: contains polypropylene fibers

Price: $0.01 


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