Importing from Turkey to Libya| baby diapers

Find out the costs and terms of shipping baby diapers and baby care products for importing from Turkey to Libya, contact us to import the best .
Importing from Turkey to Libya
Importing from Turkey to Libya

Importing from Turkey to Libya 2021 | 2021 costs and conditions

Importing from Turkey to Libya| baby diapers

Importing from Turkey to Libya | It is not a new topic coming to minds of importers and traders, but it has become a distinguished setter for the development of trade between the two countries, the promotion of commercial activities and the achievement of the highest profit rates.

There are a lot of goods and products that are traded between these two countries. This article will discuss the best ways to import from Turkey to Libya, what you need for this process, and finally, what types of goods and products are commonly imported from Turkey to Libya.

The first question that one might ask when importing from Turkey to Libya is “What are the best types of goods and products to import?” The answer to this question is not straightforward.

There are many different types of goods that make up the Turkish export market, but some of the most popular exports include European quality holding Turkish made baby diaper products, baby care products such as: conditioner, baby oil, baby shampoo and related products and finally feminine pads.

International trade such as importing from Turkey is very important for the growth of the small businesses of distributors, wholesalers and others, as many countries depend on foreign imports of consumer products for personal care of children.

Therefore, importers, wholesalers and distributors often import goods from neighboring countries such as Turkey, (the European industry), which has the resources they need to produce goods at cheaper price.

Although Turkey is a country that exports a lot of goods to Libya, it does not export all kinds of goods. There are some Turkish products that are only partially exported to Libya, and among the most important goods: children’s products, including diapers and baby care products.

Importing from Turkey to Libya| baby diapers

Conditions for importing from Turkey to Libya

There are some documents and conditions that Libyan importers must have, which fall within the Libyan laws for importing from Turkey.

The importer must have an import license, a commercial or industrial record, a commercial or industrial invoice certified by the concerned authorities in Turkey from Turkish factories, which consists of health certificates for imported products, health goods, quality certificate and packing regulations.

Importing from Turkey to Libya| baby diapers


What are the most important products and goods imported from Turkey to Libya?

Turkish products are imported to Libya for various reasons, and among the most important Turkish imports to Libya: baby diapers and other baby care products, which are used by the local Libyan population.

Turkish exports include textiles, food and beverages, as well as chemical and plastic products.

The import of Turkish goods into Libya is subject to low fees imposed by the Libyan government, in order to enhance trade with Turkey under the international trade agreements and to increase trade exchange between the two countries.

International trade between the two countries continues to rise in imports from Turkey to Libya since the end of the conflict in Libya in 2011 after the intervention of NATO, and this is due to the increase in exports from Libya and the Libyan people’s demand for Turkish products of high quality and low prices.

Turkey is one of Libya’s main trading partners. A lot of Libya’s imports come from Turkey. Companies in Libya looking to import Turkish goods can benefit from the following Turkish imports:

Baby diapers products from Turkey.

Baby care products.

Feminine pads.


Importing from Turkey to Libya| baby diapers

Shipping methods and conditions from Turkey to Libya

Cargo ships from Turkey are the best choice for shipping to Libya due to their reliability and proximity, sea freight is a safe way to transport goods from one country to another.

Sea freight is the best way to transport goods from Turkey to Libya, shipping by sea takes about 10 days or less, which is much faster than any other means of transportation.

Sea freight is also the cheapest per tonne of cargo, which makes it ideal for moving large volumes of merchandise – such as (Turkish exports to Libya).

While this is not a common trade, there are many companies that can do it. Here are some of the ways to send your goods from Turkey to Libya:

– Sea freight is the best near and safe way. Turkish cargo ships only need about 12 hours to reach the Libyan coast.

– There are many sea and air freight/cargo companies in Turkey through which shipping can be carried out by agreeing on the imported goods, their quantities, and how to receive them at the port of arrival.

Air transportation via air freight companies is an expensive method.

Importing from Turkey to Libya| baby diapers


Shipping costs from Turkey to Libya

There are many international shipping companies in Turkey. Shipping rates in companies are shown in US dollars per ton.

In recent years, the number of trade flows from Turkey to Libya has increased as a result of the Libyan civil war. In order to facilitate these trade flows, Turkish companies are investing in ports and logistics.

The final cost of shipping a container from Turkey to Libya usually depends on the length of delivery time and the weight of the items in the container.

The cost of international shipping is usually calculated on a per-ton basis, with costs dependent on the final price on the type and weight of the shipment being shipped.


Importing from Turkey to Libya| baby diapers

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Importing from Turkey to Libya| baby diapers


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