How to import sanitary Feminine pads from Turkey?

 import sanitary Feminine pads
import sanitary Feminine pads

importing sanitary Feminine pads wholesale from Turkey 2022

Feminine pads are used by the vast majority of women worldwide on a monthly basis, in addition to the variety of feminine pads. The first and most common type of feminine pad is the sanitary pad, followed by tampons and menstrual cups.

After knowing the quantities required to cover the needs of your market, you can contact Child Diapers platform to start importing needed quantities, as this process has become easier with the different degrees of quality and suitable prices of good feminine pads.


Advantages of Turkish sanitary pads

Feminine pads are essential to women’s health care. They are used during menstrual periods, ovulation, pregnancy and puerperium. For this reason, they are essential items for women to buy in bulk every month.

Women need to change sanitary pads every few hours to avoid infection. Therefore, it should be readily available at home or work – so they can use it as needed.

The most important characteristic of feminine pads is to provide protection and safety during the menstrual cycle. They are made of thin cotton materials, anti-wet surfaces, and raw materials that gives high degree of superior absorption.



 import sanitary Feminine pads
import sanitary Feminine pads

The best types of feminine sanitary napkins offered by Child Diapers

Feminine pads have different sizes to suit the menstrual flow during the menstrual cycle, whether the flow is light or heavy.

Child Diapers platform provides a group of Turkish brands of the best types of sanitary feminine pads 2022 that they promote, as these pads are characterized by softness, tenderness and super absorbent ability, different sizes and types are provided and suitable to suit the stages of the menstrual cycle, these pads also have rubber sides To give a feeling of protection and adhesive strips to the towel for flexibility and ease of movement.


Prices of sanitary feminine pads for Import

The quality of the required product plays a major role in the prices of the package containing feminine pads vary greatly, and the first thing to consider is the type of pads you want.

After communicating with the sales department and requesting the required product with the right quality, the total cost of the required quantities and acceptable prices is calculated, and international payment and shipping methods are determined.


Importing feminine pads from Turkey

The Child Diapers platform can provide its customers with the best brands for importing feminine pads from Turkey,

as the Child diapers platform offer feminine pads of different sizes, including normal, thick, thin, with wings and without wings.

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