Quality of Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide 2021

Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide
Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide

Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide 2021

Before entering the world of manufacturing and producing of Turkish baby diapers, you must know..

It is time to choose the types of Turkish baby diapers (the Turkish industry) with a growing growth, which ranks third in the world in the manufacture and export of baby diapers, as it is expected in the coming years to become the number one exporter in the world.

It is characterized by rapid development and high quality according to international specifications, as it depends on modern and advanced technological methods in industry and production.

Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide

Did you know that babies can use at least 700 diapers during their first three months of life? it’s the truth. Babies are usually changed 7 to 9 times a day (more in the first few weeks).

Perhaps our role – as providers of child care products – is to provide the child with a stimulating and supportive environment; So that they grow healthy.

Many experts, doctors and parents paid attention to the biological aspect of the infant, but unfortunately the technological and developmental aspect was neglected in this sensitive period, and one of the most important and most dangerous issues, which was neglected to raise: the issue of diapers.

Appropriate clothing and diapers allow the child to crawl as soon as they gain muscle strength. Diapers made of cotton cloth used to be with a single fold in the middle; So that the part between the legs is narrower, thus reducing the width of the diaper and allowing the legs to come close to each other to make the forward movement freer, and a nylon sheath can be added at the middle and the entry of the legs so that the diaper covers the cloth when protection from the environment is necessary.

With the increasing development and luxury, cloth diapers have been replaced by disposable diapers, beside having a positive impact on providers of baby care products, it also repels moisture away from the child’s body and thus excludes the uncomfortable feeling that wetness brings. It can even become comfortable for the child after urination; Because the chemical reaction inside the diaper creates the “sauna effect”.

The decision to use single-use cloth or diapers is controversial, due to various issues such as convenience, health, cost and environmental impact. Currently, disposable diapers are the most common, as are some well-known brands. Some brands seek to combine disposable cloth diapers.

Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide
Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide

What are the appropriate specifications for the manufacture and production of types of Turkish baby diapers?

  • The softness of the diaper feel on the baby’s skin: children are more likely to get rashes and infections in the diaper area, and this problem causes irritation to the baby’s skin as a result of tight diapers or the use of a type that is not suitable for the baby’s skin (there are diapers designed for sensitive skin, which protects the skin due to its soft cotton feel)
  • Comfortable: baby diapers should be comfortable and soft on the skin. Some nappies have a wide side stretch that is soft and doesn’t leave any marks on the baby’s skin.
  • Allows freedom of movement: some diapers are distinguished by the elasticity of the belt, and its cottony feel, which enables the child to move freely, without any effort.
  • Absorption capacity: a good diaper absorbs wetness and keeps it away from the child’s skin to protect it from infections and rashes (advice to parents: It is preferable to change the diaper as soon as it becomes wet, so that the child gradually becomes aware of the contradictory states of wetness and dryness, and the next step is that the child connects his feelings His physical body is expelled in the acceptable place to expel that waste, making it easier for him to potty train).

There are now indicators of wetness in some species, where the colour of the chemical in the raw materials of the diaper changes when there is moisture to notify parents that the diaper is wet.

  • Its ability to prevent leakage: Some diapers feature a strong triple back belt tightly on the child’s body that does not leave any space between the child’s body and the diaper and prevents leakage.

Some types feature one or more attachment pairs with either adhesive or Velcro straps to securely hold the diapers. And some diapers have tapes that are re-adhesive to allow them to fit the body.

Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide

  • Safe: Most of the materials used in the manufacture of diapers are safe polymers such as polyethylene, and they do not have any toxic properties. No materials (or even new design features) are introduced to the market until they are proven to be safe under normal conditions of use, and the evaluation of the product’s safety standard is continued even after it enters the market.


The main factors to consider when choosing a baby diaper

  1. The inner layer: draws moisture into the inside of the diaper to keep your baby’s skin soft and dry. The inner layer, which touches your baby’s skin, contains polypropylene fibers to be soft and comfortable for the baby.
  2. The outer layer: It is the outer cover of the diaper. Prevents wetness from transferring to the baby’s bed or clothes.
  3. Seal strips: They are soft adhesive strips that can be closed and opened more than once to secure the diaper in a way that fits the circumference of your child’s waist. It is made of polypropylene and polyester fibres to add softness and flexibility and give your baby more comfort.
  4. Elastic sides: help to fix the nappy in a way that fits the baby’s body, as it surrounds baby’s legs to give more comfort and avoid leakage.
  5. Adhesives: They are used to maintain the consistency of the components and prevent leakage.
  6. The absorbent middle layer: It is the main component of the diaper-making technology, which absorbs wetness and keeps it away from the baby’s skin to keep it healthy and dry.
  7. Here’s everything in the absorbent middle layer:
  • Super absorbent material: This material is used in all disposable diapers, and it is able to absorb thirty times its weight! It absorbs and traps liquids in just seconds. These super absorbents are completely safe and chemically inert according to more than 400 studies conducted on this ingredient (on over 300,000 nappies!) and on possible contacts, especially on the skin.
  • Cellulose: It is a material from a natural source that absorbs moisture. The cellulose used in diapers is sourced sustainably. This is one of the ways in which it is committed to sustainable forest management and meets the requirements of regulations for polypropylene and polyester.


To read more about the guide and how to make Turkish baby diapers from here, Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide

Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide
Turkish Baby Diaper Types Guide

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