How to import and trade baby diapers from Turkey?

trade baby diapers from Turkey
trade baby diapers from Turkey

trade baby diapers from Turkey


The commercial view of the distributor and importer in terms of the product always depends on the fact that diapers are considered one of the basic things that any child needs immediately after birth.
Turkey is known to be one of the best countries in exporting baby diapers with high quality and low costs.
Which helps you, as a professional businessman, to achieve the highest percentage of profits and thus achieve the client’s full benefit at reasonable prices.
Some of the companies producing diapers are foreign companies, and of course their prices are too high for many categories to deal with.
Therefore, we came up with the idea of importing baby diapers from Turkey with high quality and at very reasonable prices for all categories of merchants and businessmen.
It is a very profitable project, and we will explain to you, dear reader, in this article the most important secrets of the trade and import of baby diapers from Turkey.


Learn about the project of importing and trading baby diapers from Turkey

  • The idea of the project today is based on importing and trading baby diapers at reasonable prices for all groups from Turkey to the Arab markets.
  • Competing with foreign companies that sell the product at high prices that are not borne by all segments of society.
  • The success rate of the project is high 99%, and the profit return on its owner is large; But on the condition that you prepare a good study of the market next to you, malls, shops, and shops selling paper products.
  • Follow us to find out more. You can also contact us via the Contact Us icon for our website or one of our employees to know the secrets of importing and trading baby diapers from Turkey.


trade baby diapers from Turkey
trade baby diapers from Turkey

Steps to import from Turkey

  • Browse the website of the producing or supplier companies and see the existing products. When choosing the product, the details are previewed and compared with other products that are close to it in quality, price, packaging and other specifications.
  • We also provide you with this feature on our website with the advantages of comparing products, and our products came out after a specialized study of the baby diaper market, which helps you to complete your project successfully.

trade baby diapers from Turkey

  • After selecting the products, the site employees are contacted to help complete the purchase process and agree on the basic price without shipping cost and the certificates required for the importing country
  • Determining the port of arrival and the preferred method of shipping (as it is known, there are ways and types of shipping diapers), which are many, and shipping prices vary according to the shipping method, and the shipping and delivery time is agreed upon.
  • Agreeing on the payment method, which are many types. You can see them by reading our topic on payment methods and steps.
  • The goods are shipped on the agreed date and the documents and papers of the shipment are sent by mail to receive the shipment at the port of arrival
  • Coordination is made with one of the companies (experienced and specialized in finalizing the procedures for importing diapers and has previous work, sufficient knowledge and an updated database) to complete customs procedures, with new customs decisions so as not to cause a mistake that may cause you high costs and fines.
  • Before the shipment arrives at the port of arrival and as soon as the mail envelope is received with the shipment papers, the company is assigned to finalize the customs procedures to begin finalizing the shipment procedures before its arrival, so that things are well prepared to receive the shipment as soon as possible and not delay it at the port of arrival so as not to result in fines.
  • After the company has completed the customs process and the goods have left the port, you can transfer them to your warehouses to store them in a proper manner in order to preserve their quality. Learn more about how to store baby diapers.


To start a project to distribute and trade diapers from Turkey

  • Do a search in the market near you and adjacent to you to ensure ease of shipment and distribution (detergent shops or paper shops – malls and hyper malls – pharmacies in all areas – small grocery stores – supermarkets)
  • Prepare your business team (employees – partners – investors – capital owners)
  • Plans for your financing (your own money – small bank loans – partners and acquaintances)
  • A place or a small store to keep the goods in
  • Presence of a vehicle distribution facility or something like this
  • Always be aware of the market and keep an eye on the items and specifications


Here are some effective marketing tips you can use:

  • Create a page on Facebook and get dealers, distributors, shops or malls interested in acquiring Turkish diapers or paper products in general.
  • If you have some little money, consider creating a website – it can go a long way in increasing your credibility and getting your project across to a lot of people.
  • Use verbal communication to establish connections with potential clients in your province or country.
  • Import high quality Turkish diapers that are suitable for your customers’ requirements.

trade baby diapers from Turkey

trade baby diapers from Turkey
trade baby diapers from Turkey

Success factors of the diaper trade project from Turkey:

  • Ease of arrival of shipments from Turkey and receiving them at the port, ending with the extraction of customs and the necessary licenses.
  • The needs of the market near you and the one next to you from this product and in abundance almost daily
  • E-marketing has become an effective way to ensure the success of any project
  • good planning
  • Ease of distribution and transportation.
  • Start now with us and dream big. There is no excuse for not starting a business.
  • The idea of ​​starting a Turkish baby diaper import company is still an easy goal that you can achieve provided you are willing to put in more effort than anyone else. Remember, nothing good comes on a silver platter. Don’t sit there and complain.


You can contact us now and respond to your inquiries when you want to import baby diapers from Turkey by clicking here


To learn more about the marketing and sales process, you can watch this video about market developing, trade and distribution of baby diapers

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trade baby diapers from Turkey trade baby diapers from Turkey trade baby diapers from Turkey

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