Importing from Turkey to Morocco

Importing from Turkey to Morocco
Importing from Turkey to Morocco

Importing from Turkey to Morocco | Imports of baby diapers from Turkey to Morocco


According to the polls of the Arab Barometer about the Moroccan citizen’s view of Turkey and some of the countries from which Morocco imports, the Moroccan people have found great acceptance of Turkish products, a great demand for their purchase and trust in the quality of the Turkish product.
It is also known about the Turkish industry for its high quality and the introduction of modern technology in the manufacturing process that led to popular support in the Middle East and North Africa with its highest levels in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Jordan.
Turkey also made phone calls during the month of June 2021 to enhance friendship and partnership between the two countries. They also agreed on the necessity of activating the mechanisms of dialogue and economic and trade cooperation, and organizing an economic forum on trade and investment through the upcoming meetings of the joint committee.
Over the last two decades, the two countries, led by President Tayyip Erdogan and King Mohammed VI, were able to lead the free trade exchange between them, which led to the strengthening of many profitable trade and investments, enabling relations between traders and investors in Turkey and Morocco, and increasing import and export operations between the two countries.


Here comes the question, what does Morocco import from Turkey?


In addition, the volume of Morocco’s imports from Turkey amounted to about 2.5 billion dollars, estimated at 2,433,128, with an increasing annual growth of 9% in the volume of trade and investment between the two countries during the past five years.
With the strengthening of Turkish-Moroccan relations, it is expected that this percentage will increase during the upcoming forecast period to 2026 to 14% of the volume of trade and investment between the two countries.
Moreover, the value of Morocco’s imports of baby diaper products, wet wipes, baby care products, and sanitary napkins ( Import from Turkey to Morocco) amounted to fourteen million dollars, one hundred and ninety-two thousand dollars (14,192,000 dollars).
With 20% of Morocco’s import share of these products, Morocco imports more than 4,758 tons annually from Turkey, according to what was published by the International Trade Center.


Importing wholesale baby diapers from Turkey

Thus, according to what numbers say, the market for baby diapers, wet wipes and baby care products in Morocco is in great need of importing baby diapers, as Morocco has a population of about 36,910,560.
It has a good annual population growth rate of about 1.2%, which is estimated at 438,791. This means that the needs of this market for diapers and child and women’s care are constantly and significantly increasing, with the growth of the average living and purchasing power of the Moroccan individual.
As a result of what we have mentioned, the rates of trade and investment in importing baby diapers are good with varying numbers and statistics, being one of the open markets and have the ability to enter the market directly.


Importing baby diapers from Turkey to Morocco


Accordingly, import operations from Turkey to Morocco are one of the gates to achieving wealth.
Many importers and traders around the world were and still buying different products from Turkey, as the Turkish product is distinguished by high quality and reasonable prices.
Then they sell it in their local markets, achieving a lot of financial profits. You are also dear trader or investor or whoever has the ability to buy and sell can achieve this wealth through a simple business by importing Turkish products of high quality and has great demand in the Middle East and North Africa, which means ease of sale and profit.


Here are some of the important things to consider in the import process, and how to do it, which saves you a lot of expenses and increases your profit in import operations every time you import from Turkey. ( Importing from Turkey to Morocco ) 


Studying local markets and their importance in the import and export process

If you have the desire to import from Turkey, you must know the products that suit the local markets and how to know to choose the appropriate and required specifications at the appropriate prices. Before starting the import process, you must first study the local markets to know exactly what you need from the products.


A practical example of this to illustrate the idea:

For example, suppose you live in Casablanca and want to import baby diapers from Turkey to sell them there, so is the first thing you do is go to Turkey to buy? Of course not, instead, it is necessary to study the market to get to know closely the volume of demand, supply, competitors, prices and other information on which the decision to import is ultimately based.


It is also preferable to conduct a local market ( Importing from Turkey to Morocco ) research by relying on a specialized company, or you can do that by making researches and doing the market study.


Establishment of an import and export company

To complete the import process from Turkey or anywhere in the world, an import and export company license is required in order for the import process to take place legally. Documents necessary for licensing an import and export company can be identified from here


Costs and conditions for importing baby diapers

You can contact the CHILD DIAPERS platform, one of the branches of the Turkish company BUYUK ANADOLU, an export company for child and women’s care products, and provides its customers with all logistical and information services about the import and export process from Turkey. ( Importing from Turkey to Morocco ) 


You can reach the company’s service here

Provides export services, product inspection, quality control, shipping for institutions and individuals concerned.


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